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[Western Film Scenes]

Western film scenes; automobile driving through Alabama Hills.

Run time 10:08
Audio/Visual Si, B&W


00:00 VS Native Americans riding by, seen from under wagon with wheels in foreground (as if shot by white settlers hiding from raiders)
00:56 High-angle shot looking down on gun battle between whites and Indians on horseback
01:52 VS convertible (1930s-vintage) automobile driving on dirt road through Alabama Hills, near Lone Pine, California; camera pans to follow car
02:35 Explosion in Alabama Hills, close shot; perhaps meant to be exploding car
02:56 Nighttime shot, covered wagon and frame in flames
03:38 VS covered wagon train and people on horseback driving through Western village; then through Indian community


Reviewer: spuder - - July 4, 2013
Subject: One of 8 clips here from Arizona (1940)
Most of this clip is from Arizona (1940), but from 1:40 to 2:55 this clip has unrelated scenes of a late 1930s car driving in the desert and an explosion. For more info see my comments on this one:
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Jeff Kaplan
on 3/16/2012